Top 6 Fun Activities That You Can Do in Boracay This Summer

It’s almost summertime! Do you feel like going to the beach? Well, my only advice is for you to start planning your trip and book a hotel in Boracay preferably beach front. I have spent an amazing time over there. Here are a few FUN activities that you can do for free or minimal fee.

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I know… I know... Some of you may have already read some of these stuff in other sites. But for those who have no clue as to what to do in Boracay, read on…

1. Swimming and Sunset Watching

Obviously, the number one reason we go to Boracay is to see its world-famous powder-like white sand beaches and swim in its pristine, azure seas. No worries! Swimming anywhere in Boracay’s more or less five-kilometer White Beach is absolutely free… So you girls out there can put on those sexy bikinis (thongs preferred) and flaunt your bodies for us (not so hardcore perverts) to (drool over and)ogle… (I’m just kidding…wink).

Boracay has one of the most spectacular sunsets in the Philippines and probably the world. Make sure to spend some happy (beer) hour chilling with friends or your special someone while watching the sunset. White Beach is the perfect place for this.

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2. Parasailing

I would have recommended the helicopter ride but it’s a bit pricey. Parasailing is the best alternative for those who would want to see the island from way up high. This is a must-try for anyone visiting Boracay.

For just Php1,500 per person in a group of five (or Php1,700 per person for a group of two), you’ll get to enjoy an exhilarating ride of a lifetime. For me, it’s probably the closest thing to sky diving albeit in reverse. If you have ever flown a kite before, this time you’ll know how it feels to be the kite. I tell you it was money well-spent!

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3. Helmet Diving/ Reef Walking

Now that you’ve explored the air, take a dip in the Boracay seas and leisurely walk under the water by Helmet Diving. For only Php300 per person (in a group of five), one can enjoy feeding the fishes and mingling with them in their natural habitat. You can also have your photos taken with the fish. Photos may be claimed at the end of the day.

Don’t know how to dive? Don’t worry! You will be taught how before you go. Plus, there will be dive masters who will guide you all throughout your reef walking experience.

Don’t know how to swim? Seriously? Well, you can always help yourself by taking swimming lessons before you go to the beach. If not, you can practice swimming in the waters of Boracay.

Just an FYI, you are not allowed to do Helmet Diving when you are flying on the same or the next day. Click here to know more about decompression sickness.

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4. Fly Fish

Banana boat rides no longer challenge me so I suggest you try the Fly Fish. For just Php1,500 (in a group of three or more), you get the thrill of holding on for dear life for 15-20minutes. To me, it felt like it was the longest 15-20 minutes of my entire life… Good thing I didn’t fall! Yet I still got wet.

If you think it’s easy, try it and you’ll definitely eat your own words afterwards. This is a must-try at least once in your life. You’ll never get to do this when you’re old.

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5. Skim Boarding

Oh, you’ll die with envy just watching kids do death defying skim boarding stunts every afternoon… You might just as well try it yourself and get over it!

Befriend these kids and they might let you borrow their skim boards for free. Or you can just ask the kids where you can rent it for Php100 per board.

Even if you’re unsuccessful in learning the craft, at least take some photos of yourself trying it. Just trying the sport alone entitles you to some bragging rights when you go home (I’m just messing with you… stay humble).

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6. Island Hopping

This is the most common whole-day activity in Boracay. It includes visiting Laurel Island where Crystal Cove is, lunch, swimming in Puka Beach, and just plain sightseeing around the island… All this for just Php500 if you go with the regular tour. Since you will be joined by other tourists though, time for each area is limited.

You can save as much as 48% by renting a boat all for yourselves if you are in a group of 5 or more. For just Php240 per person (or Php1,300 per boat), you’ll get to enjoy all of the activities mentioned above for 3-4 hours excluding lunch. Plus, you won’t have to wait for the other tourists since you get to choose where and when to go. You get full control of your time and see places at your own pace.

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Other fun activities that we would want to do when we get back to Boracay are as follows:

1. Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point
2. Scuba Diving
3. Wind Surfing
4. Quad Biking to Mount Luho
5. Zorbing
6. Paraw Sunset Sailing

Try them out as well…

When you go to Boracay, spending money is a given. Budgets are called such because they are extra money meant to be spent. Of course, always be mindful of your budget and do not go beyond it.

Note: The prices mentioned above are all discounted. We always ask for bargains. And, we only negotiate directly with the activity provider. Those people roaming around Boracay offering fun activities earn through commissions so expect their prices to be higher than those of the activity provider. Be always on the lookout for great deals! Your hotel can’t give you that because they also earn through commissions.

I hope this will help maximize your stay in Boracay. Have fun everyone! How about you? Which activity listed above is your favorite?

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91 Responses to Top 6 Fun Activities That You Can Do in Boracay This Summer

  1. Clang says:

    hi, how much would it cost for island hoping (4pax)

  2. marie says:

    very helpful blog… Me and my husband will go to Boracay this NOvember.I do hope ok yung month na ito..I love all the activities that you have tried.. I hope we can also do all those activities.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for dropping by Marie. Enjoy your trip this November!

    • Needi says:

      Hi marie did u vist to phill nov,13 am going in end of jan,14 so what u suggest me beacause admin visited in 2011 so everything is same of changing something like cost or else????/ Thanks

  3. jinggay says:

    hello, this coming December will be my first time to go to Bora with my family, actually this will be our first family trip.. so im hoping to get the contact number of Johanz, the one ayyah mentioned…I really want everything to be perfect with respect to activities in Bora so as not to spoil in planning, Im hoping to have a contact person in Bora to make arrangements for all the activities… or can u recommend someone reliable.. pls.. thank u so much!

    • admin says:

      Hi Jinggay,

      I understand that you want your vacation to be perfect for your family, unfortunately I don’t have any contacts in Boracay that will be able to help you plan your activities. I’m don’t know Johanz as well and I don’t have his contact number.

      An alternative for you is to call your hotel for guidance and ask if they know of someone who can help you plan.

      Try to contact Diamond Tours and Boracay Island Tour as well. These are the top 2 activity providers in Boracay. You may have to google them to get their numbers since I don’t have it.

  4. Annie says:

    Bigla naman ako na excite lalo sa post mo n toh, thanks for sharing, we will be there next week kasi, dun ako magbirthday hehe, sana lang talaga wag umulan… ;p

  5. Fatima says:

    Thanks! This was super helpful! I’m coming to the Philippines all the way from Australia and I’m freaking out because it’s such a foreign place! Hopefully everyone there will speak English considering it is such a popular tourist spot!

    This post has definitely made the trip a lot less daunting!

    Have you heard anything about Ilig ilig, Blainghai Beach and Bulabog beach? I’ve heard other people saying these are great stops for snorkelling, but I don’t know how I can find out for sure whether they’ll be worth visiting!

    • admin says:

      You’re welcome Fatima! No worries, most of the people in Boracay speaks English, even the locals. I’ve only heard of Bulabog Beach where one can do wind surfing. If you want to find the perfect spot for snorkeling, you can always rent a boat and go around the island. I’m sure you’ll find the other beaches that you mentioned. Have fun on your trip!

  6. Ac says:

    Hi! This is our firstbtime in bora, ok lng kaya ung nakuha ko kahit off peak sya? July25-30,. We have no idea kung saan at kung anu pwede gawin s area,. Madali lng po bang humanap ng affordable na pwedeng pagstyan? Since off peak naman sya? Ung prices po na nabanggit ganun pa rn kaya hanggang ngaun? Thanks in advance :)

    • admin says:

      If your lucky, you can easily find affordable places to stay along White Beach.
      Though to be sure, it is still better to book your accommodation in advance.

      The rates may change without prior notice so I don’t know now. :D

    • arceli says:

      hello,,napakalaking tulong samnitong pnost,,anyway puede na kaya ang ang 6k per pax budget pra sa transpo,galing iloilo?,3days stay to any affordable inns?,foods,and any terminalfee,environmental fee,,o sa lahat ng fee pag papunta na ng boracay,,kailngn q na kc mtantya kng mgkano b tlaga kailngn dalang pera para mag Bora,,hope you can help me on this,,,i will really appreciate if you could answer me,,thnx

      • arceli says:

        im sorry i mean,,puede na kya ang 6k na budget per person?forthe transpo galing Iloilo terminal,,then any mga fee na kkailnganin,foods especially yung affordable na accomodation?malapit na kc yung boracay vacation nmn this coming july6,,,hopeu can helpme into this..thnx

      • admin says:

        Hello Arceli, 6K per person is enough for your 3days 2 nights stay in Boracay. It’s low season this July so the accommodation shouldn’t be that expensive compared to the summer rates. :)

  7. nhicz06 says:

    Hi! Can you suggest an affordable accommodation in bora with swimming pool?? Thanks

  8. nhicz06 says:

    Hi! Can you suggest an affordable accommodation in bora with has swimming pool?? Thanks :)

  9. niks says:

    hello guys, theres a lot of fixer in Bora remember that and they offer a lot of activities,they charge high prices too.
    dont bite at once at any offers or nett price,search around, you can save a lot.
    Ive read from others tips that ATV is 400/500 pesos per person, BUGGY (two sitter)800 pesos good for two. Take a tricecle for 25 pesos per pax and tell the driver to — ATV place. ENTRANCE FEE in Aviary/Everian (you can see there birds/bats/monkey?)not really a zoo) -is 60/70 pesos,
    TANAWIN OR TOWER PT. 50 pesos per pax. DIVING HELMET -300 PESOS per for 5, FLYFISH 1,500 for 3, and hire a boat for 1,300 let say for 5-6 pax is ok. There is no free lunch in Island hopping. Snorkling you can do that in your island hopping, take note, they charge for snorkling mask – NEGOCIATE the price first and clear up things, they might charge you for extra-extra in the spot. ACCOMMODATION: June is low peak. search in BORACAY HOTELS and you can choose you accom. budget.

  10. ayyah says:

    Hi! Thanks! This is a big help. We’re going to Bora on June and just wanna ask if where we can stay in a less expensive hostel? Plano naman dun na mismo check in pagdating namen kaso iniisip ko din magpabook as alternative. Anong magandang accomodation dun na mura din naman. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Ayyah,

      The best hostel in Boracay would be Frendz or Frends (I’m not sure with the spelling though) Hostel along Station 2 of White Beach.
      It’s much better if you’ll book your accommodation in advance just to be safe. :D
      Enjoy your trip!

      • ayyah says:

        Thanks for the info. I’ve already searched for this hostel and will include it on my list. Cocohut or boracay regency seems great place to stay but a lil pricey compare to other. But, anyway, does the food their is affordable? Just to have idea. It’s my 1st time and want to know how much money we could bring. And what resto or foods you can recommend? Thanks a lot!

        • admin says:

          Food can be pricey depending on where you eat.

          There are loads of buffet restaurants in Boracay at night. You won’t miss it. It’s just right along the shore of White Beach. It cost around 250pesos or more.

          Try Real Coffee for breakfast and also their popular Kalamansi Muffin.
          Try also jonas Fruit Shake for the sake of trying it.
          D’Mall has tons of restaurants you can choose from.
          There are also fast food chains along White Beach.

          • ayyah says:

            Thanks a lot! You’re a big help. :) I’ve texted the person Johanz’ recommended. Surprisingly, he responded immediately for my query. He offer 6k for the whole package which are ff:

            1. ATV (500 each) and said we’re going to Mt. Luho with entrance fee of (120 per head)
            2. Wild Life Expo- which is according to him where we can see the biggest crocodile Island and take a pic of different creatures blah blah
            3. Zipline offered 700 per head.
            4. Island hopping which he stated we will go to Pucca Beach, Crocodile Island and Crystal Cove which have entrance again (200 for Crystal Cove since he claimed that it’s a private island) but island hopping worth 1,000/person for 4 hours.
            5. Next is helmet diving and fish feeding worth 1000 for 30 mins with free picture and video.
            6. Parasailing for 30 mins ride which is 1500/person daw.
            7. Banana boat 30 mins ride for 500/person.
            8. flying fish worth 700.
            9. He said that we will be sitting in net?. Net siguro na literal na fish net na malaki habang umiikot boat sa Bora. A 30 mins ride for 400/each.
            10. Last but not the least is Zorb worth 580.

            Total price on his count 6880 php. I did not bother to sum it all since number is my love. :) If all said activities above will avail, a total of 6000 pesos each person and have FREE
            -30 mins. snorkeling
            -shuttle bus in all destination daw? I wonder if going back to Manila will be included LOL! kidding. Bora Island only.
            -1 hr. massage
            – lunch (who wouldn’t want FOODS for free?)

            Since, my first time to Bora I might consider his offer but the sad part is you can only avail this with a minimum of 5 person.
            My sister is a spoiler bitch she did not want to risks her life for some activities like that. She was too afraid. I’ve showed her the picture just to give her the impression that it’s absolutely fun but she freaked out instead. KJ!

            Reason why I am saying this: Is anyone out there who wants to try them all? Haha! Who will travel on June 17-21? If you are interested, just leave your comment here. :)

            oh, in addition to that, to my disappointment he said that all activities can be accomplish in one day?? Seriously? Can you believe that?? I said, it was tiring if in just one day you can finish them all. I made a bargain if it can be 2 days, then he responded it depends on the group if they want to. He added that people trying their package promo was on rush so it is possible that it can be done in just one day. But again, it depends on the group if they want to make it 1-2 days. There choice. :))))

          • admin says:

            Yes, you can do all the activities you mentioned in one day, but where’s the fun in that?
            Do you really want to do all those things in one day? Probably, not.

            In our case, we went to the island mainly to chill out in White Beach. Regarding the activities, we selected
            only a few activities that we really wanted to do per day for 3-5 days. The activities that we tried were as follows:

            1. Parasailing
            – 1500pesos per person for 5 pax (Activity Provider – Diamond Tours in Station 1)
            – 1700pesos per person for 2 pax (Activity Provider – Borcay Island Tours in between Stations 2 and 3)

            Note: We only dealt with the activity providers directly because we were able to negotiate for lower prices.
            Most of the people offering these activities earn through commissions so expect higher prices from them.

            2. Helmet Diving or Reef Walking
            – 300pesos per person for 5 pax (Activity Provider ; Boracay Island Tours in between Station 1 and 2 near Astoria Hotel)

            Note: The activity providers are usually located in between stations 1&2 or stations 2&3.
            That’s where you should go to book and pay for the activities you want to do.

            3. Island Hopping
            – 3000pesos for 5 pax for 4 hours (we negotiated a private boat from someone roaming around the beach)
            – this does not include lunch and the 200pesos entrance fee in Crystal Cove. We brought our own lunch instead and shared it to our banka driver.

            Note: There are people roaming around the beach offering you all these activities. Get to know them well and they might offer
            you lower prices than the one they are offering on their laminated card.

            4. Flyfish
            – 700pesos per person for two pax (Boracay Island Tours in between Stations 2&£)
            – This ride is much better than the banana boat ride. The thrill is worth the price. :D

            We didn’t do ATV, Mt. Luho, Zipline, Paraw Sailing, Wildlife Expo because these activities were not interesting for us.
            Maybe because we already tried them in other parts of the country. Bohol has a better zipline. Albay and Danao Adventure Park
            has a better ATV terrain and so on. You get the picture. The only thing we wanted to do but didn’t was the Zorb. But we heard that
            Bukidnon has a better Zorb terrain than the one in Boracay. :D

            In short, 6880pesos per person for 5 pax is a bit expensive for such activities. I wouldn’t spend that much money for all the mentioned activities. I would rather spend it on food and pasalubongs. If you really want to do all the activities you’ve mentioned then deal directly with the activity providers or ask the people around the beach. Negotiate, negotiate and negotiate. :D

            At the end of the day, it’s going to be your choice. Just do whatever you want to do that will make you and your sister happy.

            P.S. We didn’t have any contact person for the activities we wanted to do in Boracay. We just ask the locals when we got to the island.

  11. Jim says:

    Thanks for the Info, would be going there this June :) excited because it would be the first time I’m visiting. @Johanz – sa lahat ng activities, may contact ung friend mo? Thanks :)

  12. Arnee says:

    Hi! Thanks for this, very informative. But, would there be a chance you can posts the contact numbers of your tour guides/activity operators?

    TIA! Cheers!

    • admin says:

      Hello Arnee, I’m sorry. I don’t have the contact numbers of the activity providers in Borcacay.
      No worries, you can easily spot them when you get to the island specifically in White Beach.

  13. Ryan Mach says:

    Never got a chance to try any of these when I was in Boracay last year. Lol

  14. muzzy says:

    hi! dis is very helpful, we’re be in boracay this april 2013. . . we’ll try the swimming n helmet diving.

  15. prettyjlo247 says:

    Hi! Just wanna ask where’s the location of the ATV, go kart, zipline and zorb? Far ba yan sa station2. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      It’s not really that far from Station 2, Boracay is just a small island so you can go around it within less than a day.
      As for the location of the activities you’ve mentioned, I really don’t know it’s exact location since I haven’t tried it yet.
      But I’m sure you will be able to locate it once you’re in the island. Just ask the locals for directions and they would be happy
      to assist you. :D

  16. Ann says:

    Wow…this site really is very helpful…i do hope ok lng prices nila this march

  17. eijay says:

    hi… i wanted to try #6,is the price still the same?

    • admin says:

      That I’m not sure Eijay.
      Due to inflation the cost of these activities might have increased already.

      • eijay says:

        thanks. but i wanted to try this one. anyone i can contact there once i get to bora so i would know coz i want to maximize my 2 day stay there..

  18. Lidi says:

    Hi Johanz, service provider ba friend mo dun sa boracay ? what’s the name ? thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for dropping by Lidi. I don’t know the owners of the service providers in Boracay eh.
      Sensya na. We tried Diamond something and Boracay Tourist something on two separate occasions when we were there.

  19. Faye que says:

    Hi, we’ll be there this coming holy week… Hindi ba mahirap magpabook ng mga activities dun at that time? I mean baka hindi na kami maaccomodate.. Thanks…

    • admin says:

      Hi Faye,

      That I’m not sure. Holy week can be a bit crowded.
      Hopefully, you’ll be able to do some of the fun stuff I’ve mentioned despite the crowd.

  20. Ruth says:

    are their beach parties in Boracay this month?

    • admin says:

      Hi Ruth, there will always be beach parties in Boracay. But summer is the best season to go to the island for such parties.

  21. jam says:

    can you provide us website for these activities that we can make huge savings as a package?

    • admin says:

      There’s no websites for the activity providers Jam. When you get to Boracay’s White Beach a lot of people will offer you these activities. Just negotiate with them for lower prices. :)

  22. James @ Best Islands In The World says:

    Nice listing of activities to do in Boracay.

  23. Mr. CHRIS says:

    Great choice. Thanx for all the ideas and an inspiration for an active holliday.

  24. Private Resort Boracay says:

    It’s no longer secret that Boracay is the destination for the ultimate vacation. Offering a host of leisurely activities from day to night, it’s no wonder that the island is so popular and well-loved by beach aficionados. Thank you Admin for sharing!

  25. VING says:

    Would like to ask… we will be going to bora tomorrow… and i would like to ask if u can recommend me a cheaper rate for PARASAILING, HELMET DIVING AND ISALND HOPPING ? As well as FLYING FISH? THANKS

  26. sharon says:

    great blog.. :) very informative.. by the way, where can i possibly see those activity providers?.. i mean their location?.. do they have standby office near the activity center?

    • admin says:

      Thanks Sharon. Yes, they usually have staff in in between the Stations 1 & 2 and Stations 2 & 3.
      You won’t miss them cause they’re wearing uniforms…
      Another hint would be the location of the banana boat, the fly fish. Nandun din yung mga staff.

  27. maj says:

    i stumbled upon this when i was searching for activities in boracay in the web. this is such a great blog. exactly what i needed… very helpful! :)

  28. eeXBee says:

    brad, can we have those activities, anytime?… or should we book for those activities first?

    and which station do these activites are done?

    • admin says:

      You just have to go to the activity provider to book and pay for your desired activity.
      These activity providers are usually located in between Station 1 and 2, Station 2 and 3.

  29. Jed says:

    nice blog… it will help a lot this August for our Boracay adventure…

  30. peter says:

    ok lang ba magbisita ng bora sa August? any contact numbers that offers those activities? thanks! :)

    • admin says:

      Yes Peter. Depende nga lang sa weather. When we went there August last year, wala namang Bagyo. Unfortunatey, I don’t have their contact numbers but no worries, you can find them either in Station 1 or station 3 in White beach. Just ask. Enjoy your trip! :)

  31. Elayne says:

    w’ll be done to phil. Aug. 1, do you think its a good season for bora?
    thax.Love to do all the stuff you’ve mentioned above:)

    • admin says:

      Thanks for dropping by Elayne.
      June to October falls into the rainy season.
      It may or may not be good to visit Boracay.
      When we went there August of last year, there were no typhoons but it was raining a lot with occasional sunshine. :)

  32. Vanessa Melendres says:

    Thanks! ’twas really helpful. :))

  33. Carla says:

    I would love to visit Boracay, nice article and pictures

  34. Coolmon says:

    I enjoyed reading your article, nice pictures

  35. Awesome photos! Can’t wait to go back. :)

    Btw, we have the same blog layout. LOL

  36. rdsean says:

    business is good.. sobrang lahat ng activities are fun and interesting you shouldn’t wanna miss… ;)

  37. dong ho says:

    i like all six. next to island hopping i like parasailing.

  38. I have not tried helmet diving and parasailing! And I hope we get the chance when we visit Boracay again someday.

  39. Lakwatsero says:

    Nice… tried these over the years (not on a single trip). Love your blog!

  40. WOW! great tips! i only tried, swimming and helmet diving… hehehe! thanks for sharing! :)

  41. I miss Boracay! I’m hoping to go back this year. Love all the activities you mentioned except for the reef walking. Dyan nadale tenga ko LOL

    • admin says:

      Bakit? What happened to your ear Mica?

      • johanz says:

        tama and grabe talaga ang mga tao sa boracay kung mg price buti nlang my friend ako n taga dun at puro net price lng ang binayaran nmin… ask nyo cia para makatulong din sa inyo… his nice n cute… sabihin nyo nlang nirecomend ko kau… 09177070431 they do package kaya mas tipid at my free massage pa sa knila after ng whole day activities tumbs up talaga..

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